v. 101 Reasons To Be Happy

and a photography contest

 + Hugging warm dogs on warm summer days (and holding them despite feeling them struggle to get away).
+ House parties with your best friends.
+ Doing and redoing your makeup for special occasions.
+ Candids.
+ Moments that replay in your head: over, and over, and over again.
+ Falling asleep with a smile on your face.
+ Crying while laughing and laughing while crying.
+ When the sun just peeks over the horizon, just only so much that the sky is a faded pink.
+ Having the one friend you can count on through anything.
+ Conversations that you just can't forget.


  1. I love how you evoked my happy memories. :') thanks!

  2. nice
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  3. Excellent list! <3 Is that your dog, Vanshi?
    ~ Sanjana

    1. I wish it was. (And by the way, your comments always make my day) <3

  4. + Listening to the sound of your mother's laugh.
    + The feeling when a cat meows back at you.
    + When your favourite song comes on the radio.
    + When you meet someone who has the same taste in everything.
    + When you meet someone who's the opposite of you.
    + Dancing and singing in the shower.
    + Reading a book that seems to have been written for you.

    And so many more that I can't think of. Life is beautiful indeed! :)

    Geekie Chic

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