a photography contest

I'm hosting a photography contest (in honor of fifty followers!)-- the winner will be featured on this blog in a special post, and on the "blogs" page.  The contest is quite simple. Through photography and your caption, all you have to do is answer this question: 

What do photographs do to you? 

Link back to me with this button:

Up, Up, and Away

And comment the URL of your entry or you can email me at vanshiatupwardss[at]gmail[dot]com.
then you're set!

this contest will be open until the thirtieth of June, two thousand fifteen.


  1. hi i think i emailed u darling <3

    well i am entering ur constest. good luck other conmpetirors!

    1. Thank you for your entry!

    2. yah; ur welcome bebe

      oka nyway i sent u my phots and haveu loked at em? tysm tho
      ya also i ned u to ereply 2 myemails so dat i can get started u know lol

      <3, joanne

    3. Yes, I have. You have been entered in the contest!


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