(rather) wordless post

Life has been quite orange lately. It's been bustling with excitement and joy and things yet to come. It's overpowered by a certain red (I'd like to think of as school), that's slowly fading away. Life's pretty orange right now, and now that I think about it, I realize that I really have never taken a liking to the color.

So, in honor of cloudless skies and hectic days and a new blog, my last (rather) wordless post of my month (I promise).


  1. Great pictures! I'm sorry I didn't comment earlier; I had a weekend at my grandparents house with only my phone, and for some reason the blogger app won't let me comment on anything. <3

    1. Oh no-- you don't have to apologize, Jordy! Thanks so much for reading though :)

  2. your skirt in the second picture is so stinking cute!!


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