I wasn't born a "Devanshi."

I wasn't born a "Devanshi."

I was born with a name that I've let go of because it held no importance to me what so ever.
And, that was it.

I was born with that name and the card that they imprint my footprints on which is framed and hung onto your white wall in the bedroom which was made just for me.

But then, I was empty. I wasn't born with the ability to read or write or do anything and everything. I was taught to fill that emptiness with words and passions and knowledge for the betterment of ourselves. Because if anything, we are society. We make the future generations of entrepreneurs and police officers and lawyers, and if truth is not taught among us, it certainly will not be bestowed upon them.

We weren't born with knowledge, but we were taught it.

I wasn't born with the ability to dance and create stories with mere gestures and eye movements. It came to me slowly through numerous dance numbers on stages or on television or even the occasional article in the India Parent Magazine.

We weren't born with talents or hobbies or interests. They wash up on us like a bottle would a shore.

We have to mold ourselves into the people we want to love and want others to love, and so we must learn to shape ourselves by our liking.

We must learn that our name is just utterly a name until we place a meaning behind it. We must learn that our names are only labels that we learn to fit up against through battles that we call as 'years.'

We must learn to give meaning to our name. We can not be taught this by others-- this is a self journey.


  1. You have an amazing way of putting things. :) Looking forward to many more great posts from you!
    ~ Sanjana


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