humans of naatak-- a start

To be honest, I think this post is long over due. It's always been at the back of my mind somewhere, and I couldn't help but feel the need to revisit those moments spent with such talented, beautiful people. 

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of photographing and meeting a group of extremely talented people, a theatre group called Naatak, and I've been introduced to some fascinating people that I'd like y'all to meet.

I was trying to make a book(let) "Humans of Naatak," such as HONY-- but that never did work out, no matter how much I tried, so I'd like to apologize about that.

Meet Amit Sharma. A percussionist-- of all sorts-- and actor.
"[My dad and I] would do catering for films [in Bollywood]. And I'd just hop into sets and meet all these stars..that was my initiation. [My fascination with drama] started then."

left: Abhishek Das, an actor who did an amazing job while playing two different characters. One, "who is all about the words, and [the second] is all about big actions." He portrayed them ridiculously-- just how it should be in a comedic act.
Naatak's play that I went to photograph + watch was "Taming of the Shrew," a different take on Shakespeare's Comedy. It was a laugh, and quite a memorable one, too.

The character that Amit Sharma played was a, "bit of a romantic fool, and [he admitted that he] can be hopelessly romantic sometimes."
All these actors connected with the play so well-- they knew their character(s) inside & out, and it was just so great to see how it all played out, from the rehearsals to the theatre.

They played trivia crack while waiting for their fellow actors to be done with their make up back stage. This only proves that they're genuine people with real stories. 

right: shravanti
left: ravi chopra
Although the stories of many left me pondering about the many directions life can pull you, the story of a former general for the Indian Army, Ravi Chopra inspired me to great measure. I found myself involuntarily thinking about his story; the story that he desired to continue with drama. Thank you, Ravi Ji. 

juhi mohan, producer, as well as costume designer, fastens rajiv nema's hat.
A big shout out to Rajiv Uncle, who provided me with this opportunity in the first place, and encouraged me all the way through.

I've met some amazing people with amazing stories to tell, and I can't help but be somewhat inspired by them.

And perhaps, as I always do, think that this might be the start of a series of portraits that feature the beautiful souls from Naatak-- like HONY. Welcome to Naatak!

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