gold stars + my first video

Do you know how many comments I had on my last post?

Zero. Zilch. None. Nada.

(Now that's disappointment). See, for me, comments are kind of like that gold star you got when you were in kindergarden and you went above and beyond. Page-views is like Ms. Smith nodding and telling everyone that they did a great job. But gold stars? Those are people that are the people that really were great.

And if you made it through my immense awkwardness, here's a gold star for ya.

In fact, here's another , just because you're SO awesome.

And if you happen to give my channel a follow-- . (Or my second blog, for that matter).

I hope that didn't scare you away (at all).


  1. Such a cute video!
    Aww, sorry about the comments. That does happen, and it really stinks when it does. But keep plugging on, someday you'll probably get 100 comments on your posts!


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