Out And About

Yesterday afternoon, my sister and I decided to watch the sunset while taking photos in a closed park. We waited for around two hours until we decided not to wait anymore and to just go back home. (So, we didn't actually see the sunset).

This morning, I tried to get myself up at six (for the fourth consecutive day in a row).

Why? Because I wanted to see the sun rise.

And why exactly it didn't work? I'm not a morning person. At all. (And incase you didn't get that-- here it is, one more time).

I'm not a morning person at all. 

And yes, sometimes it is frustrating because my best friend, Arushee (if you didn't know already), just happens to be a morning person and I  used to always find my phone vibrating at seven a. m. with texts like, "Good Morning, sleepy head!!" So I've learned to turn off my phone until I wake up at around eleven.

My cousins even dubbed me after an Indian demon who never, ever wakes up-- regardless of the circumstances. (And in case you don't know which circumstances he slept through...let's just say he slept through a royal band playing next to his ears, the army poking at his belly, and more).

But even after that said, I love being a night time person. I love not getting tired late at night while taking to my cousins or friends or whoever. I love walking in the dark with the moon being my only light. I love looking at all the lovely city lights at night. I love being a night time person.


  1. I totally understand not being a morning person! Gah. I. Hate. Mornings. Nights are wonderful though...
    Grace Anne:)

  2. Beautiful pics! I do have to say I love the night time vibes, too..

    I'm just getting started!

    1. Thank you :) I'll definitely check out your blog.

  3. Amazing photographs!
    They call you kumbhkaran? lol xD

    1. Thanks, Neal. HAHAHAH yea, I'm so glad at least one person got that :)

  4. I'm not a morning person either, for some reason I'm much more productive at night time. You captured some beautiful shots by the way. I love the photos.


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