happy birthday to me.

with every year that goes on by, another year closer to death. and i don't want to die without having done something people can be proud of. i don't want to live a conventional life. sometimes i think that the past thirteen years have gone to waste, but then i remember how much i've learned about myself and i think again and realize that they haven't. i've realized that i could never grow up to live in one city for my whole life. now i know that i could never settle in one place because each year is one year closer to the close of my existence and before that happens i need to see the world through my own eyes-- not what people tell them to be.

year 14.

a chance to form opinions on ideas put out in the world. an opportunity i'm going to grab with both hands.


  1. aww, this post was so sweet and from the heart <3 Happy Birthday, girl =) Have an awesome year ahead!

  2. Oh my goodness, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    i wish you the best year ever, and a wonderful day. And such a lovely paragraph. Yes, don't always be what they tell you to be! (and that's so inspiring for us, even though it's not our birthday!)
    happy 14 :)

    1. i appreciate every word of yours. this made my day♥♥

  3. Happy belated birthday, beautiful girl.


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