Time and time again I have found myself constrained by my very own gate. It was nothing special, although it had been painted many times over, due to the chipping of the sleek black texture. My brother and I often sat behind it, even though my mother often told us to come inside, because she knew more than anyone that the gate was never going to open for us.

She'd told us that long ago, there had been two best friends that decided to go out on a walk past the gate. The best friends, whilst walking in sync, reached out their left hand, at the same time, mind you, to traverse past the gate. Alas, once the best friends laid their hands onto the gate, their bodies quickly formed into a small brick each to lay out the path for the walk. The walk that had never been walked before.

And so, my brother and I lay staring at the walk, its deformed structure, bricks waiting to be filled. We sat in silence, as we often did, our eyes laid upon the hundreds of bricks that laid the pathway. We were baffled by it, perhaps because so many people could be so foolish as to think there would be any chance of them passing it. The bricks were the world's way to mock us-- our foolishness, our ignorance.

"Celest, I'm going out there," my brother started.


"To take a walk," he replied simply.

"You can't be serious!" I exclaimed. We both took the pleasure of laughing until our stomachs turned themselves inside out.

"Oh," he said, staring at the ground, "but I am so." I sat there in pure shock and awe, until he stood up to touch the gate.

"No you're not."

"I just said I am," was his witty response. Although, I had a just as smart counter threat.

"I'll tell Vita." He seamed to ponder upon this for a second, although I knew what was coming, he would be afraid of his mother, and sit right back down with me, to stare at the gate.

"Okay." My jaw would have nearly dropped to the ground if I had not caught it. "Celest, I'm going out there." He turned around to look at the structure that restricted us from going anywhere except our homes. "I'm not afraid of this piece of copper!" he exclaimed. "Don't you see, Celest, it only bricks you if you're afraid. And me? You can bet your whole set of pebbles that I'm not."

There was a certain clarity in his voice, one that was not there before, and although I did not want to, I became scared that he would leave me. Moreover I was afraid he would leave this world and turn into one brick in the path that I would be left to stare at for all of eternity. "Erron, I know you're not going to change your mind..."

"No, ma'am I'm not."

I bit my tongue, and my head spun as I started to say it: "I'm coming with you."


  1. Wow, this was great!! Please do write more, I NEEDDDD ITTT :O


    1. that means a lot to me, Noor, thank you.

  2. THIS.
    this was perfection! i fell in love with your plot xxx.


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