c h a i

I  love Chai when the days are cold, and after I'm done being tangled in bed sheets with my nightstand journal in one hand, pen in the other.

Even in the most sunny days, I enjoy sipping Chai rather slowly, each time in the same mug, while scrolling through blog posts and leaving behind comments every now and then.

And then those days come where I don't want to do anything. Chai helps then, too.

Or when a loved one has left you forever, or something that you thought was yours, wasn't really.

Even in celebrations, I'd sit and sip Chai. Just because.


  1. Chai is one of my favorite drinks ever. Lovely post<3 -Bethany! http://bethanysbrightlife.blogspot.com/

  2. I read this literally right after drinking a cup of blended chai tea. <3

  3. A person who can make chai tea seem so poetic, is someone of great talent. I really want to try chai tea now (she said frantically running out the door to go purchase it.)

    1. :P We all do need some Chai in our lives.

  4. Um, I love this. Chai tea is...beautiful.

  5. Chai <3 You've composed this post so well! :)


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