life is a game of chance

thank you, tumblr || that's my favorite game-- life.

life is a game of chance.
you chose what you put your faith in. 
you have the power to jump 
to a place unknown
or you have to power to step
exactly where the road takes you
life is a game of chance
it's not up to you if you roll
a five
or a one
when someone treats you like 
a five of clubs
just remember
that you deserve to be treated like
an ace of diamonds
because no one should ever be able to break you
life is a game of chance
and sometimes 
it's worth all the risk


  1. Ah so beautiful. Life is a game of chance. BUT YOU PUT A JAB WE MET REFERENCE AND YES.

    a little bit of sunshine

  2. So beautiful. And YAASS you're back! I remember in Despicable Me that when the minion (forgot which one grew back) another one went up and said something like, "Pop Jelly!" So I shall greet you back now with the same greeting. Pop jelly! XD

    xoxo Morning

    1. Haha, yea-- thank you!! I'm so glad to be back x

  3. So beautiful! I love how you play with words

  4. This is a lovely piece and you're right. Life is a game of chance, but sometimes it's possible to make your own luck ;) And it's always worth the risk, even if you fall short.

    The Life of Little Me


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