i. to be alive


to be alive: a collection of almost perfect sentences from a nightstand journal, my most prized, and secret, possession.

When I look back at this one lovely imperfect moment, I don't just want to remember what I learned, but I also want to remember how I had learned it.

If you'd rather die a quiet death in one house and one town, I think you should know that you were never living at all. Because even if I die jumping from the tallest mountain, I'll still have my last smile sketched onto my face-- a sign of my last adventure because I had lived. And you? You were always dead.

Is there any purpose of living if you don't feel alive?

Hearts are funny things-- if they want to say something, even if impossible, they will always find a way to say it.

rain can fall
fish can swim
snow can drift
birds can sing
     hearts can smile.
insp. a song from tptm

It's sad to hear 'I'm used to it' because then you know that the person has lost hope so much so that they've stopped caring.

Words are the most powerful things, dear. 

And suddenly I found myself lost amongst others, completely and utterly alone. It was the thought that scared me, even though I knew that I had been alone all along.

If in a thousand million years you'd still remember me, then what about now?

I tell you to do what makes yourself happy. Do what makes you feel alive. Throw yourself from the top of the world; Climb your way up until the people beneath you look like ants. Just let your future unfold itself.

I don't want to settle in one home when I grow up because a home means love, love means feelings, and feelings are dangerous because they always end up hurting you.

People are the most beautiful creatures that either live to hurt, or are hurt by living.

It's always okay to take a step or two back to see how big the fall is.

Note: This nightstand journal was gifted to me by my best friend's soul sister's mother, and I thank her for it. Maybe this post-- 'to be alive' (series?) could be the start of something new. (Oh, those darn references). 


  1. aww..my heart has been touched. Congrats on 40 followers! This series is gonna be amazing...

    - autumn

    1. Thank you so much, Autumn! I'm so thankful for all my lovely followers~

  2. This should totally be a series!

    xoxo Morning

  3. I love these lines. This is such a great idea, to repeat lines from your journal. I love your writing and there's some important life lessons in here. Great reflections.

    The Life of Little Me

  4. Do you mind if I do this this for my blog it's amazing!

    1. Yea, go on ahead, Chloee-- be sure to link me, though! Thank you so much x

  5. I love these lines <3 What a unique series, can't wait to see more! x

    1. Thank you, Arushee! Oh, and thanks for the journal too :)


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