Guest Post by Sophia {How To Be A Great Blogging Friend}

//Hey guys! Today Sophia, from Some Place In The Midst, is doing a guest post for me. You can visit her blog here. Thank you, Sophia :)

I love blogging. You meet incredible people. Like, I've "met" people from Australia, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Malaysia, and even people from my own state. SO cool. I consider some of the people I've met on the web to be true friends. However, just like offline friendships, there are some tips for healthy friendships.

So anyway, there are some tips I have to being a good blogger friend. Why? You'll get more loyal followers, you'll have people you can go to for advice, and you'll just have a better blogging experience. So here we go~

1.  Comment.
I'm sorry I had to go here. I'm sure you already know it. COMMENT A LOT. I've been lazy recently, and I've seen my blog pageviews go waaayyy down. Sorry I have to tell you, but more commenting equals more pageviews.

2. Guest Post.
Hey wait, that's what I'm doing right now! This is my first time, but if anything, guest posting will give you one loyal blogger friend- the person who you guest post for/the person who guest posts for you. It's a great way to connect with other bloggers.

3. Link ups.
I actually don't like link ups that much, particularly because then I have to go and put the link for the linkup in my post. (Sorry if that was confusing) However, every time I've linked up the host has commented on my post, and sometimes even followed or shared. Cool!! (Side note- smaller link ups are usually nicer)

4.  Pinterest Group Boards
I think I've joined 4 or 5 group boards on pinterest- mainly for the purpose of getting my pins out there in front of a lot of people. However, I've had quite a few new followers because of my pins and it's a great tool to meet other bloggers.
Here are a few I'm a part of:

5. Sharing
Share other bloggers stuff! Pin it, tweet it, whatever it, but seriously, it's awesome. Just remember to comment on the blogger's post so that they know about your good deed, and they'll probably return the favor.

6. Button Pages
I've seen quite a few bloggers with "button pages" where they have a links for different bloggers, who have their own button pages that so in essence, the swap buttons. Pretty cool, no? I've not done it, but I love looking through button pages, and it's a great way to connect.

7. Reach Out
Sure, commenting on posts is great, but you'll most likely get more loyal blog friends by actually emailing bloggers about how nice their blog is. Maybe ask them if they have any tips for you. Yes, it's much more time consuming than just commenting, but you'll definitely make a good impression on the blogger.

That's it for now, you guys, let me know if you have any other tips for being a good blogging friend!
Come visit me at my place~ it's a lot of fun. someplaceinthemidst.blogspot.com.


  1. Hey, thanks for this opportunity! So fun to guest post for you. :)

    1. Same to you, Sophia :) Always a pleasure working with you.

  2. These are such helpful tips! Thanks for sharing, Sophia x

  3. These are lovely tips on how to "meet" people in the blogging world. I know commenting works for me! I wouldn't consider people online as friends as such, but more familiar strangers. I love seeing the same people coming back to comment on my blog, and commenting on theirs in return. It's people from various places in the world, all reading my opinion, and me doing the same.

    The Life of Little Me

  4. These tips are all fabulous! I agree with all of them especially the first one. Commenting is huge!!

    a little bit of sunshine

  5. Nice guest post, Sophia! Commenting and social media are big factors... in fact, I recently made an Insta for my blog. :D

    xoxo Morning

  6. Great ideas! Love the thoughts:) I've been pretty lazy about commenting recently as well, but luckily, my followers are loyal:)

  7. Thanks so much for these ideas! I haven't been commenting very much lately, but I'm hoping to start doing it more!
    -Ashley :)
    Thrifty Toppings


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