Your Questions Answered

Y'all asked me questions. And now, they're going to be answered.  If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below x

from anonymous {various}
     "Who is your inspiration?"
--I'm so glad you asked. Before I stumbled across her blog, I didn't honestly think I had one. But now, I truly think she's my inspiration. She's a free spirit. A traveler, an astounding writer. Her name is Carlotta. And her blog is here.

     "How do you see MS relationships?"
--Pretty pointless, actually. It's very, very likely you're never going to see the person after high school, so why bother? But whatever floats your boat.

     "What is the best thing that's ever happened to you?"
--I don't know. I think it was when I jumped off a cliff. Maybe. I don't know.

     "How do you decide on the topic of a post?"
--Usually, it appears in my nightstand journal, and then soon after, on this blog. I often run it by Arushee for feedback.

from MorningTime4

     "Do you believe in magic?"
--I believe in miracles. But I don't trust them because if it doesn't happen, I blame myself. So instead, I don't keep high hopes.

     "What's your favorite musical?"
--I'm not a big musical theatre person, although I performed Aladdin, the musical, around a year ago. It was fun.

from Neal Kind

     "Favorite Harry Potter Character?"
--Here's something you don't know about me: I'm a Harry Potter GEEK. I can't stop reading it. I can't stop watching it. And my favorite character has to be Ron. He's just Ron.

from Arushee

     "Who or what inspired you to start a blog?"
--I had a tumblr for a while, but it soon turned into reblogging and reblogging again. Arushee introduced the blogger platform to me, and I absolutely love it!


  1. Love your answers! And Ron is amazing, even though he is terrified of spiders. :) But spiders are scary... when I rode on one of the Harry Potter rides in Orlando (it was the Quiddich one) there were the spiders from the Forbidden Forest, and since your legs were tangling, it's like, "The spiders are so close!!! They're going to crawl up to my feet!"

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thanks so much! Ron is amazing, isn't he?? Haha, I've never been to Disney World before, but it's something I want to do~

  2. Great answers!! I love Harry Potter! Ron is so awesome!

  3. Mine are Snape and Dumblerdore..oh yeah and Hermoine (Can't pick one) :P :P

  4. Love your answers! Ron is my favorite too! :D Along with Luna and Sirius.
    "I think it was when I jumped off a cliff." You make it sound so dramatic, like "I'M GONNA JUMP OFF A CLIFF NOW, GUYS!" I love it :D (Don't tell me the real story, because I like this image a lot.)

    - Love, Felicia
    ( http://asillygirlsthoughts.weebly.com/ )

  5. Being in a musical production of Aladdin would be AMAZING! I've heard snippets of the music from it and it sounds amazing. Having a journal sounds like such a great idea. I don't know what you put in yours, but I'm currently imagining all the great ideas I wouldn't lose if I kept one of those and wishing that I had kept one before. Maybe I might take up journal keep for blog and writing and random ideas. Feeling inspired now!

    1. Aladdin was so great! The music definitely reminded me of the UAE and a tad bit of India. :) Journals are really great, especially when you're in that stage of mind where you start to say weird things at night. The funny part is, no matter how honest your night writing sounds to you, often it doesn't make sense to others-- or maybe that's just me xx


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