Reader Survey + A Little Bit About Why

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A Reader Survey.

And it's not because everyone else is doing it, in fact, I've had this survey for a while now. It's because I'm stuck with no page views, or comments, or followers. And that gets me down-- I put a lot of effort into this blog.


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    1. Thanks, I really appreciate it, Arushee!

  2. Great survey, I really enjoyed answering the questions!
    A little tip, the number of followers you have doesn't mean how many people read your blog. Don't worry about it. If you want more friends though, try visiting more blogs and leaving more comments on the blogs you do follow. I find it really helps. Many blogs have a comment back system and don't get around to visiting the blogs they follow.

    1. Thanks so much Kat! I've tried that too-- I've just taken a break from that method though, it wasn't bringing much traffic. I really appreciate your help x

  3. A survey is a good idea to get feedback. :)


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