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Scary were his thoughts of living--

Wandering into the gusts of wind
In the dead black sky
In his entirety so unafraid.

It was scary to think that;
The world was his home--
He had hoped to know each and every dusty corner
For he had already roamed
the streets
--and valleys
--and trails.

In his unwavering solitude
He found himself,
So long lost,
But so familiar.

It scared me
When I knew
He could live with even
A penny a day
And still be so dauntless.

It was scary to think
that I thought I was happy,
Content in my own little town,
In one small corner of the universe.

But it was even scarier
to know that
I loved his life.

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  1. Wow! This was just... whoa. I'm speechless. I'll go and check out your Tumblr!

    xoxo Morning

  2. This post is so breathtaking. I am in love.

    Lorraine from The Content Panda Bear

  3. There is only one word for this: spectacular. But really this was incredible <3

  4. This was really beautiful (:
    Consider yourself followed.

    - Love, Felicia
    ( http://asillygirlsthoughts.weebly.com/ )

    1. You're so sweet! I really appreciate your follow x

  5. woah - that was flawless, girl. Your writing style is perfectly poetic :)



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