Mumbai: The City Of Dreams

this list could go on, and on...

for the people who have never understand what it was with me and India, me and Mumbai, here you go:

via // i know mumbai so well, if you left me somewhere random in the city, i'd know how to get out. 

The place I want to be most right now in the whole world, you'll only hear me say one name, without a hint of hesitation or delay-- Mumbai.

I'm about to tell you why.

Every year, I find myself in the same airport feeling the humidity pound against my skin. But I don't care because I love it just the same. I've watched year after year Mumbai grow into the beautiful city that I love it as, today. And it makes me want to go back and drown myself in its glory and fame.

Mumbai never sleeps-- its lights illuminate the city during the night time, and it bursts with the honks of car horns and taxis and people throughout the day.

The on-going rains during the Monsoon remind me that dark things can be beautiful, too, and the puddles make me want to splash and jump into them like an innocent five year old.

Carrying traps, its streets lure people in with the aroma of world renowned street food-- bhel puri, sandwich, chaat . . .

I find a sense of freedom when my feet anchor upon its earth.

When the sky finally starts to fall into a blend that looks like the spices of India itself, people gather along Queen's Necklace to clear their heads and talk with friends.

A sense of adventure washes over me when I set foot upon Mumbai's grounds.

My mind is comfortable and begins to relax as I traverse across its pebbles and stones and sand.

I can smell the ocean water as its waves crash upon the shore.

Everything blends into a beautiful scene, like someone painted the perfect canvas across Mumbai.

I feel safe. I feel at home.


  1. Mumbai :D A lot of my relatives live in Mumbai so I've been around Mumbai..city is awesome :D
    New Delhi is really cool and awesome but Mumbai is well Mumbai or as some people say Bombay :P
    I love that road in the photograph..all the bone shaped stones below on the beach there looks so cool :)
    How can you forget Pao Bhaji and bada Pao in food...I remember eating it at 2 in the morning the city literally never sleeps XD Next try a long drive late at night like 2-3 am around nariman point and all it feels wonderful :D
    Watching all the famous houses is also so much fun..we went on a roadtrip in which we drove infront of most of famous celebrities including Lata Mangeshkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan etc...
    i am rambling here sorry :P but I like Mumbai as well :)

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Yes, Nariman point is a must, as is Vada Pao and Pao Bhaji. Yum! It's nice to share the love of my city with someone~


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