it's not small talk

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During the holidays and new years, the parties are better, the nights are longer, the lights seem brighter than they already are; much like the new year ahead of us.

We're awake later into the night with thoughts clouding around our heads, dreams floating into the sky, thinking. Just thinking.

With the holidays come long nights packed with classic Christmas movies and hot chocolate, whip cream spilling everywhere. Parties last longer than usual; loved ones cuddle by the fire, snow dancing itself down from the clouds only to lie upon the icy ground.

It seems like my friends and cousins and I talk forever, and when the sun starts melting into the sky, our conversations become naive, child-like. They seem to be meaningless, although they are filled with our hearts desires and fears-- much like a kindergartener walking into the first day of school.

You say things you wish you hadn't.
I hear things I wish I hadn't.

But it's shared-- and things that seemed worthless, now are irreplaceable, priceless. For they are things we couldn't really say when the sun was up, our minds working. Now we are tired, we say what we desire.

What's special about these midnight talks that we have?

None of it quite makes any sense, and people seem to say things that they wouldn't otherwise say in their right minds. Your cousins start to compliment you, and you think and say things you wish you hadn't.

One thing's for sure-- it's absolutely positively not small talk. 


  1. 4am this morning is full of things I regret saying. Ugh. Thoughts are warped by the darkness and you end up doing weird things, taking weird videos, being a bitch or voicing desires you never want heard.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. A text turns into a small talk which turns into a conversation which turns into a long conversation..:)
    It always starts with a text :D

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

  3. This is so true and beautifully written!

    Martha x
    Minty Fox Blog


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