How To Deal With Rejection

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I just came back from a very important dance audition.

And, let me just tell you right now, it did not go the way I had planned it. I'd planned to go in with confidence, and come out with the same.

Warming up, I knew that I had dance in me. Dance was what I love to do, and I wanted to continue for a very, very long time. Then they taught us the routines, and for me, they were hard. There was floor work and improvisations-- but I still thought I would nail it.

You know what I'm going to tell you-- I didn't. Instead of coming out with a passed audition (actually I don't really know yet), I came out with my injured confidence level and a pulled hamstring.

At this point, I'm making it sound like I did terrible, and there's no possible chance of me getting into the company. But, I'm not. It wasn't just me who failed. It was everyone. So, there might be a slight chance. Just a sliver.

But this post isn't supposed to be about me ranting-- it's supposed to tell you how to get over rejection. And no, not the kind of shallow rejection you get when asking out your hormonal crush.

Everyone's different when it comes to dealing with rejection-- some people could care less, some just try again, and others punch the wall. It's all normal. (If you're wondering where I got the third one-- my brother has several holes in his wall from frustration). As for me, I usually over think it, then call Arushee, so I can rant to her and tell her how unfair it was.

The ideal response to How can I handle rejection?: Oh, sweetcakes, try harder next time!

I can't really agree with it.

You have to dig deeper. Find out what the real cause was. Go from there.

Next time, because there will be one, go show them what you've got.

Go kick some ass.


  1. ooh, I can totally relate to this! (and thanks for mentioning me ♥)

  2. Aww :)
    This was a wonderful post, and I'm so sorry your audition didn't go the way you planned.
    Wishing you the best of luck!

    1. thanks for your wishes Jordy, they mean a lot to me~

  3. Sorry about the audition...all the best for next time :)
    I usually over think too on such occasions :/

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

  4. my goodness! girl of many talents! im sure you did just fine !

  5. I try to handle rejection by not beating myself up over it or overthink it - it's okay to give yourself a break every now and then! Crossing my fingers you pass :)

    1. thank you, Kie~

      i'm still waiting on that email...


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