Decking My Halls

The smell of a real Christmas Tree is just one thing I never can pass up-- I need it here, just so it can feel like the holidays.

The holiday parties need to be filled with joy and laughter, and lights need to adorn every house.

Snow needs to drift down gracefully, piling up on top of our homes, illustrating a beautiful White Christmas.

Carols need to play on repeat through mid-terms time to ease all of our stress into holiday joy.

and, so, so much more.

But today, when my Christmas tree finally came, I wanted to decorate it with all of the memories that we've had through out the years.

The photos, the passed down ornaments, the boughs of holly...everything. And I attempted to do just that. 


  1. Beautiful! I can relate to the feeling!

  2. I absolutely love that third photo :)

  3. Lucky! Your Christmas decor is up! There is very decorations put up except for my family's parols (they are these lanterns that create different shapes)... but then we are leaving for vacation, so it would be hard to celebrate with the decorations up in the first place.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Aww, well I hope you get the chance to decorate too!


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