I want more time to swing on the swings without my feet touching the ground, the breeze blowing in my face.

          I want to slide down the slides, feeling your stomach flop while gliding down, and occasionally           feeling the static electricity send a chill up your spine.

               I want to sleep to the sound of my mother reading a bedtime story, her soft hands patting my                head, and ended with a gentle kiss placed upon my forehead.

                    I want to ride my tricycle in the park, my brother- the monster- chasing me, and finally                         catching me, tickling me to the ground.

                         I want to play hide and seek with my sisters, leaving them in a closed, dusty, dirty                                shoe cabinet for hours.

                              I want to feel the joy of riding the monkey bars to the last one without falling, and                               my feet sweeping the ground.

                                  I want to dance in puddles with my friends, mud going up our boots, not caring                                     about the voices yelling at us: "You'll catch a cold!"

                                       I want to learn how to ride a bike again, my father following behind me                                                promising me that he won't let go. And now, we all know that it's not true.

I want to relive my childhood; I could go on forever-- there might as well be a part two.

Oh, and if you would do me a favor...


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