following stars


the stars are where our destiny lies, they say. that the stars are our lives. they design the way we live. we're slaves to the stares; they control us, yet nobody seems to notice. as our life goes on, as we start to shrivel like a raisin, older and older, we leave it up to the stars. we follow the stars everywhere.

astrologists. they advertise everywhere-- from billboards to tv, allowing us to believe that the stars control our lives, and that we can't do anything about that.

palm readers. they study our hands, reading us the future on our hands, when really, the future is in our hands. they lead us to believe that a genetically created line means that we will grow to be very rich.

numerologists. they lead us to believe that because we've been born on a certain day at a certain time that we will die because of murder, or that we will have socializing issues.

we are slaves to the stars, they say. but no, in reality, we are slaves to society.

i'm the devil's advocate.


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