Exciting Things This November

Recently, I've had an unexpected obsession with quotes. You'd be surprised how much you can learn about someone or something from a quote. I don't know how to say this without sounding 'nerdy,' but to me, analyzing quotes are absolutely fascinating. Is there a reason behind why this person said this? Is this person right? Do I agree? Just understanding quotes makes me happy.

Speaking of things that are amazing, I just jumped off a twenty foot cliff into clear, pure, blue ocean water. 
How did I do it? 
Short Story: My brother told me it was only ten feet. 
Long Story: I wanted to.

(I guess the long story is shorter than the short story but oh well).

It was scary at first but fun. I'll be posting a narrative on that soon. I also took some photography there, so hopefully I'll be posting that too. (Here's a photo of the cliff I jumped. It's beautiful, isn't it?)

photography by me // black rock

I've also started a new series this week entitled "Quotes That Change You," or simply QTCY, which you can read more about here. My goal is at least ten posts in that category.


  1. I love quotes!! And jumping off a cliff? That sounds fun :) The most I've jumped is about 5m, and I'm not sure how many feet that is. Isn't that feeling of flying and all that pressure around you amazing? The water bit? I just found that cold and kinda painful... Can't wait to read your narrative xx

    The Life of Little Me

    1. You're absolutely right, M! And thank you~

  2. I've never jumped from high distances, but jumping of a cliff sounds fun. I don't think I will ever be brave enough to do that, though.

    1. It's not about being brave, it's about wanting to do something from your heart. If you want to, you can, Jollygirl! :)

  3. Quotes are definitely one of my personal number one favorite sources of inspiration! And jumping off a cliff... TAKE ME THERE!! :)


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