Because I'm An Avid Trick-Or-Treater...

Do me a favor, please. 
  1. I have to deal with the "did you get sick after eating soooo much candy??" What kind of a question is that? Of course I got sick-- duh!
  2. I can deal with the houses that won't give you candy unless you go through that creepy maze. Even though I just want your candy, sure, in the spirit of Halloween, I won't even be afraid to go through your maze (maybe just a little, keep my secret, okay?)
  3. I can pull an all night-er. If, people are awake until then...
  4. I will never ding-dong ditch. Because of the stupid houses which are deserted and don't even have the courtesy to leave out candy in a bowl on a stool. Humph.
  5. I carve all my pumpkins scary. What's the point if it's just a smiley face on a big orange squash?!?! --that's what I'm saying.
  6. I want to see someone TP a house (or do it myself, either way, I'm happy)...
  7. Artsy houses can range anywhere from being painted blue, or the creepy decorations on top of it.
  8. I know the pop-up zombies when I see them. (Oh, come on, you know what I'm talking about-- those grave stones that pop-up every ten to fifteen seconds. Ya, those). And the people that act fake, but are actually real. Ya, I'm used to those. 


  1. Nice post! Loving Haloweeny spirit.

  2. Ahaha. In Australia we don't have any of these. There's no fake/real people, graves, decorations or anything. I wish we did though. Trick or treating where you are sounds fun, and I think I'd be an avid trick or treater too ;)

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Yeah, most Americans go full out for Halloween!


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