apple cider // thanksgiving

perhaps one little glass of sparkling cider shouldn't fix my day.
but here's the thing: it does.
and i sure do like it that way.

the sweet crisp taste of sparkling apple cider reminds me of many moments in my life
which i want to cherish forever
the celebrations
the laughter
the memories
the smiles
the hugs
but most importantly
it reminds me of the people 
who held me up
who taught me things; good or bad
who laughed with me
who punished me when i did wrong

thanksgiving is a celebration of not only thanking the materialistic things in our lives,
but also thanking those who taught you

and that's why during thanksgiving, we drink apple cider
to remember those people
that did us well

//{all pictures are taken by me}\\


  1. This makes me want a glass of cider!
    Beautiful pictures and writing, lovely!

    1. Aw, thank you Jordy, you've made me smile :)


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