(Put Yourself In Someone Else's) Shoes

©Vanshi Mehta

I love my shoes; it's kind of hard not to notice. Many people miss that. I said SHOES, not heels. Not slippers. Not wedges.


©Vanshi Mehta
I think it's some sort of an unhealthy obsession if you ask me. But it's comforting.

©Vanshi Mehta
One thing you might be wondering:

I didn't go out just to take these photos and then post them here. I did them on my own time a few weeks ago, all of them taken at different times.

Which is saying something.

©Vanshi Mehta

Put yourself in someone else's shoes.

How do they walk? Is it influenced in someway? Maybe if they walk hunched then something is pressurizing them. (They have too much on their back).

How do they take a step? Are they aggressive? Or are they subtle? Maybe if they walk aggressively then they are an extrovert.

You can tell a lot about someone when they walk. Just think about it.

I learned at a Speech Camp about focus point when we walk. Different people walked normally and we found their focus point.

They was one boy who lead with his head, and his torso was behind his head- almost pushy.

There was a girl who lead from her chest- very angelic. You could almost hear angel's voices when she walked.

Next time you're walking, check where your focus point is, and see if you can figure something about yourself- something that you never knew about. :)

Happy Hunting!

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