Little Things Make Me Happy: Photographs

It's been a while since I've posted in the Little Things That Make Me Happy series. Here's the third poem to add to my series. Comment if you have any ideas, yeah?

©Vanshi Mehta

Polaroid, Nikon, Canon-
they all are very special objects.
they capture all the memories
that ever happened through that piece of paper.
Looking at it,
Almost like viewing a movie from a single snapshot.

A little snapshot hangs on your wall,
You, a small child, playing with a bouncy ball,
Your father holding your tiny little hand,
Every so slightly giving you support so you can stand.

Pictures are like that- you see-
They look into your memory,
They see things that you've forgotten,
Setting the possibilities free.

Capturing the moment,
Embrace it,
Then view the memory from a single snapshot.
That's what's great about pictures-
They're everlasting,
Bringing you back to those picturesque times,
Never collapsing.


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