Golfing Pictures

©Vanshi Mehta

©Vanshi Mehta

You're right; that isn't really a golf picture. But it fits in with what I'm about to tell you.


What's the first thing that pops into your head? Boring? Slow? Dumb? Not-A-Sport?

I know. I've heard all of them. But you can't really believe any of them until you play the sport. And it's definitely one of the hardest sports out there. You can't just pick up the club and automatically drive the ball two hundred yards.

Golfing is a skill as well as a sport. Golf is a very controlled sport; it's not like others when you poor all your energy into it. Thus, it's very underrated. But despite all of the differences, Golf is a sport, like any other which requires one hundred percent of your attention.

©Vanshi Meht

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