filmy, dreamy, words.

A cornucopia of beautiful words from the hindi language.

khoobsurat (beautiful)
jadoo (magic)
vaqt (time)
kajra (eye liner)
saavan (rain)
nashaa (illusion)
saath (togetherness)
naina (eyes)
sukh (happiness)
jeet (win)
vishvas (trust)
dayaa (mercy)
pyaar (love)
chashmish (the one with the glasses)
pal (moment)
mazaa (fun)
kwahish (wish)
baarish (rain)
zindagi (life)
dil (heart)
sukoon (peace)
bharat (india)
himaat (courage)
kahaani (story)
dhadkan (heart beat)
shabd (word)
sawaariya (partner/beloved)

Inspired by Arushee from Unadorned Gifts.


  1. Thank you for adding ‘inspired by’ at the bottom-- I enjoyed reading your post! This is such a great variation and idea :)


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