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It's not always a good thing.

It's not always a bad thing.

But we all know that sometimes when change happens, we don't know it. We decipher the clues that the people around us give us- ignoring, weird stares, etc. Which is why I hate change. I feel like every time something changes about me, I don't even know it. I don't know why- sometimes the change just happens.

No one's prepared for it, not even yourself.

This scares me quite a bit. And I've realized that I'm not just afraid of one thing (that'll have to be another post), i'm scared of this concept also. I've also realized that there is nobody in this world that doesn't have a fear, sometimes they just don't know what they're afraid of.

Change has power. It has the power to break traditions. It has the power to carry someone to the top. It also has the power to break things. Many things. Often time things that you don't want to be broken, such as friendships, emotions, and yourself. It has more power and control than you have to yourself.

With change, the things that you love most start to fade away, until they are just a blur of the past. 


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    1. Thanks! I've found that quotes come easiest writing from your heart. :)


  2. Great post. Honestly, I don't want change. I don't want any of my friendships to fade away. I don't want my emotions to break. I want everything I love to stay in one place. I want them to stop fading away into distant memories. I just don't want change to happen...

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  3. I absolutely love that quote! This is so true :)

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