A Quiet Thought On Halloween


   Ever since I was little, I found a peculiar joy in Halloween. Whether it was the Candy that made it so special or the princess costumes it was yet to be determined. But, as I grew up, it wasn't the dress up or candy that was important to me, it was the fear that I felt during Halloween.

     That eerie vibe coming from every home. And somehow that vibe fascinated me and I never knew why. To this day I still don't know what makes it so special for me, but I do want to find out.

     Every year there is that rebellious group of teenagers that decides to TP someone's house. As cheesy as it sounds, I always admired those kids because they were really brave. The risked the chance of being arrested to have some adventure in their lives. To be honest, I want to TP a house before I die- it's a symbol of bravery to me. I've heard stories-- but it's different when you feel that thrill, that chill that goes down your spine when you're being chased by the police. (No, I'm not being sarcastic).


  1. We don't really have Halloween in India neither does anyone TP any house :P :P
    that's just wrong :P :P

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. I know :) India is practically my second home-- I'm there three months every year. Even in the city (Mumbai), no one does celebrate Halloween. But hey, I expect you guys have a been Diwali celebration going on! Wish I was there~


    2. Yeah,well diwali is fun..all the lights and food :P :D


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