What's on your playlist?

Most Played: Awari (Ek Villain). I love the shorter version of this song, it just moves faster and the parts are just right.

Least Played: Jiya Re (Jab Tak Hai Jaan).  This used to be my favorite song but then I over played it so... 

Favorite Song- 

Bollywood: Tu Meri (Bang Bang!) Vishal's voice complements this song like HEAVEN. I'm addicted. This song is just Ba-bamable!

Punjabi: Mini Skirts (otherwise known as Soniye). It's really soothing to listen to. It's in Punjabi and sometimes I find it a very versatile language when it comes to song lyrics. It can be an amazing party song, or a beautiful lyrical love song.

Favorite Playlist- Imran Khan World  I don't know if it's the Punjabi on this one or the music, but I think this playlist has everything from 'sooth me to sleep' to 'wake me up.'

Favorite DJ- This is DJ Chetas for sure. He's basically a DJ genius. The other one is DJ Kiran Kamanth. But still, I love DJ Chetas's mashups. They are the very best.

Favorite Mashup- The Break Up Mashup 2014. This is by DJ Chetas. It's beautifully blended.

Any other music inquiries? Let me know in the comments below. 

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