Q & A with the Bug

Meet my best friend's sister, otherwise known as "the Bug." She's going to interview me about me, myself, and I. *contains my deepest secrets and doesn't care*

the Bug: We all know that you love Bollywood music. Other than that, what are some of your favorite types of music?

Vanshi: There's no doubt about the fact that I love Bollywood music. I almost always listen to this type of music. Another style of music I enjoy listening to is Punjabi or Zen Music. I love Punjabi music because of its versatility. It can be a soft and soothing type of song, or loud and upbeat. Even though it's a completely different style, I love listening to Zen music. It's made up of instruments that otherwise wouldn't be used in a regular orchestra/band.

the Bug: What is your favorite kind of fashion style? We've seen your indian, now what about your american?

Vanshi: My outfits are never solely American or Indian. There's always a bit of  influence from both sides. Since I'm growing up in America, I can't help but be somewhat influenced by the style of other people. You can't really chose your style- it choses you. I have spent more than 4 years (collectively) of my life in India so far, and I love India's originality so much, it moves me as a person. My fashion sense is more Indian than American, I have to admit, though.

the Bug: What is your favorite subject in school? Do you normally ace the subject?

Vanshi: (smiles). My favorite subject is definitely acting. Although I don't take it this year (I'm in a choir), I love being able to put myself in another person's shoes. It's nice to forget about your problems for a while, and be another person. Acting is not pretending. It's way more than that. You have to really empathize with the character you are being. It not only develops my acting skills, but it also develops my personality. I am able, thanks to acting, to empathize with people more than most can. Do I ace most of my subjects? (laughs). All of them, no. Most, yes. It's kind of a struggle for me because I'm surrounded by people who constantly ace everything. Including sports, and visual and performing arts.

the Bug: Do you think you are fat? What is your take on your body image?

Vanshi: According to my doctor, I weigh the normal amount for my age and height. Do I think I'm fat? Not necessarily. I just think that I'm a bit chubby compared to the kids at school. Body Image means a lot to me. It's important to find the balance in your mind. Because really, if you think you are fat, in your mind, you are fat. If you think you are skinny, in your mind, you are skinny. It really just depends on what YOU perceive about yourself.

the Bug: What do your friends mean to you?

Vanshi: My friends mean everything to me. They support me when I want to fall. They tell me the truth, even if it's harsh and bitter like dark chocolate. And as cheesy as it sounds, it's completely true. I have four best friends, and my soul sister. My soul sister, Arushee, means a lot to me. She knows everything about me. She could write a book on me. (I'm at her house right now. Yes, it's a school night. Yes, it's a sleepover). I know my friends will always be there for me, no matter what. And I'm proud of that. "Good friends are like stars, you can't always see them, but you know they are always there."

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