OOTD with Marjorie: My Fashion Guru!

This outfit screams originality. 

©Vanshi Mehta

Anthropologie: Charlotte by Charlotte Perkins.

"It was originally $400. I resisted buying it because it was so much money, and I needed to buy Christmas gifts for people. Then it went on sale for $200, and I still resisted buying it. Finally, it went on sale again, and I bought the last one in my size for $40. I loved it. I wore it all the time. Then I spilled coffee on it down the dress, and it was tragic. The coffee stain wouldn't go away, so then I found the (also last) same dress on eBay, and I bought it for $200. "

©Vanshi Mehta

"I got these boots from Budapest, Hungary. I like them because they look old world, but still have a heel. One of my favorite looks for fall is rustic with formal. Example: A Formal Gown with a Rustic Touch."

©Vanshi Mehta

"I bought this through on of my co-workers. It reminds me of the Great Gatsby- that's what inspired me to buy this necklace."


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