My Bucket List

1. Feed a hungry child. I've definitely given food to a hungry child before. Definitely. There is no doubt. But the joy of feeding the child with your own hands is irreplaceable. I want to experience that joy. 

2. Walk without an umbrella in the monsoon rains. I've stood in the rain without an umbrella (below). Something about India always compels me to go there every single year. Just walking with the wind blowing against your face, the rain drenching your body is enough to make a person smile. Nature was meant to rain on us. It's completely natural.

Photography: © Vanshi Mehta

3. Pet a lion. Lions are regarded as the most powerful animals. Whether it's mythology, or real life, it's lions that people are afraid of. Everyone's afraid of something. And by befriending the biggest and scariest animal, it's your fears that you conquer. And you become that much braver.

4. Eat Delhi's Street Food without getting sick. If you've been to India, you know that there has not been one trip in which you did not fall ill. I'm going to change that.

Photography: © Vanshi Mehta

5. Run a marathon. Doesn't everyone want to do this?

6. Get in my car and drive until I run out of gas. Somewhere un-known is preferable. Our lives always box us in. I want to break that box and explore something new. Somewhere new.

7. Act in at least one Bollywood Movie. I love Acting- it allows me to be someone else and forget about all my troubles for a while. I can empathize with the character I am working with and be in their position. The best job ever is an actor. Yes, I've thought it through. No, I am not making a rushed decision.

8. Learn to write Hindi fluently. So, to become a Bollywood actor you have to know how to read hindi. I know how to speak fluently. And I somewhat no how to read, just not fluently.

9. Live in India. If you know me at all, you know that I love India. It's my home. My heart always lives there. So why can't I?

10. Fold 10,000 origami cranes on some strings and donate them as a symbol of hope to the hospital my sister was admitted to. My sister is disabled and grew up in India. There was one hospital that constantly took care of her, and I want to thank them.

11.  Meet Ranbir Kapoor. Doesn't every fan want to?

12. Purchase a plane ticket to an unknown destination, with no itinerary. Alone. This comes back to the box idea. I need to get out of this box. ASAP.

13. Climb a tree. So everyone probably has mastered this technique by now. Not me. :(

14. Visit as many countries as I possibly can. Travel around the world. Learn about different Cultures. Learn about different Religions. It's all what I want to do.

15.  Ride an elephant in Africa. My grandparent(s) were born in Africa. I want to go back to my roots to connect with them. Wouldn't you?

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