Little Things That Make Me Happy: Kindergarten Trends That Died

My second "Little Things" post.

Short hair,
No one cared,
Care-free faces,
Kindergarten races.

Homework-free nights,
Bed Monster frights,
Dreaming of Harold And His Purple Crayon,
And Winnie the Pooh.

Tricycles with your best friend,
Wishing recess wouldn't end,
Crayons in every hue,
Time to wonder what you might do. 

Coloring outside the lines,
In a way, more freedom than we have now,
Out of the box designs,
A kitten's meow.

Reading Arthur,
And the Bernstein Bears,
Wondering if you could ever fit in-
Those tangram squares.

Legos scattered across the floor,
Santa's letters stuffed with promises,
Over the knee jumpers,
And much. much, more.

Let me know what you miss from Kindergarten! xoxo

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