Interview: A Fashion Guru

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Me: I love your unique fashion sense! Any tips?

Marjorie: For a Middle Schooler?

Me: Yes.

Marjorie: Try and figure out your own style. And a style doesn't have to be just one thing. Find clothes that you enjoy wearing and help your day feel more exciting, more magical, and more YOU.

Me: That's some very helpful advice. Which stores are more 'you'?

Marjorie: Do not limit yourself to a few stores. Do not define your style based on your store. Create the vision you want. Find a vision- this can be from a sunset, an art show, a car, a magazine, or even a cake.

Me: I agree! So many teenagers only shop at Forever 21, Hollister, or only one store. It's a very valid point. So, how do we find this vision?

Marjorie: Start the search. Look for different pieces that inspire that vision. Don't tie your fashion sense to money, or the store. That way you are not a slave to the store, or your money.

Me: What's your take on originality?

Marjorie: A lot of people say: "Well, that doesn't match." But, I mean, who would want to wear the same shade of blue? So play up contrast. At home, take a risk to try something, even if it looks terrible. Try things that you otherwise think wouldn't look good. Mix colors, Mix patterns. You might be surprised at what your results are.

Me: Sometimes shopping does a get a bit tedious. What are some fun ways to find original yet amazing clothes?

Marjorie: Have clothing swaps with our friends. Bring a top or two that you do not want to wear anymore, but good quality. Then invite some friends to do the same thing, and swap tops/shirts/jewelry/shoes with your friends! No money is needed and this is a great way to explore new styles. Then get feedback from your friends. How does it look? Too tight? Too bright? Or did you just find the most amazing top of your whole life?

Me: A lot of times we end up buying more than we need. How do you know what you really want?

Marjorie: Have an agenda of things that you are looking for. For a long time, I was looking for a pastel colored fur coat. So have a list of what you want. And stick to it. Do not overload your closet with junk. Then you end up moving it twice then giving it away. Many times, I buy clothes on purpose that I know won't fit me. Then I sell it to a retail store, or I gift it to a friend.

Me: That's so amazing! I've never heard of selling back to a store. What are the names of some of these stores?

Marjorie: There's many, such as Black and Brown, and Crossroads.

Me: That's a great idea! What if you don't have tons of money to spend on clothes?

Marjorie: Thrift Shop. Or find something you want and save up for it. Go yard sale-ing. Wait for sales. Go shopping in your own closet. See if there are things you haven't worn in a while.

Me: What about if you don't have time to dress up, but you need to go to a formal event?

Marjorie: Wear a basic v-neck t-shirt with jeans, preferably black, white, or gray- these look the classiest. Then, add a big statement necklace. It does the trick. (smiles.)

Comment if you've used one of these fashion tips yourself!

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