Handouts & Composition Book Duct Tape DIY :)

This is my first DIY! I hope you like it. This is just to spice up your lab notebook or composition book and make it a folder and notebook.

Things to keep in mind:

✩ My Lab Notebook is slightly larger than 8 1/2 by 11 so all my handouts fit inside.

✩ My Lab Notebook is hardcover so it doesn't flop. This will not work with spirals or slicky binders.

✩ Sometimes, you might have to experiment with the duct tape- it can get a bit irritating because it is so sticky. Be patient!

This is how it turns out:

This is the front of the lab notebook. ©Vanshi Mehta

This is the back of the lab notebook. ©Vanshi Mehta
To make your folder/notebook all in one, you will need only two things:
Duct Tape. ©Vanshi Mehta

Scissors. ©Vanshi Mehta

I used the one from Scotch Tape (yes they sell duct tape). It doesn't rip very well, and if it does, it folds over, which is why you need this:

Scissors! Be sure to experiment with your scissors and duct tape a little bit; sometimes you have to find just the right place to cut. For my scissors, this is the very back. 

You don't need rulers; in fact, this will make the process more complicated. The first thing you have to do, is make a pocket for your handouts. Always measure a little more than your lab notebook (two or three inches at least), so you can fit it onto your notebook. Remember: It's easier to cut off, than to add on. 

To make the pocket cut six to eight pieces of tape and lay them on top of each other. Be sure to leave a bit of room like this: 


Then keep going until you have something like this (to your preferred size/length, of course):


Then fold over the edges, and tape them so you have duct tape sheet. Then, to make the pocket, put it on top of your notebook. Match the edges. Be sure that it is the same size as the notebook. Cut, if necessary, but be careful not to cut too much. 

Then, take another piece of duct tape, and on all sides of the pocket, except the top side, use duct tape to tape it down and overlap on the inside of the notebook, or on the other side of the cover. You should end up with something like this:

There's your pocket! ©Vanshi Mehta

Now let's move on to the front part of your notebook:

Highlighter/pen holder, plus background duct tape. ©Vanshi Mehta

The highlighters do not fall out. Come ask me for proof ;) ©Vanshi Mehta

All I did was duct tape the background. Then I did the same thing for the duct tape pocket, except smaller. It might take a few tries to get the size just right because of the width of the markers. Keep trying! It's really not that difficult. :)

©Vanshi Mehta

End result? A fabulous looking, ORIGINAL, notebook. 

That's my first DIY for you. Let me know in the comments section what you think of it. :)

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