Go Shoe Shopping With Me!

I've been saving up for Jordans for some time now, but I just had to get some new shoes :P I had around eighty dollars but I couldn't spend all of it. 

This is what I originally wanted:


Yes, these are none other than the (men's) Nike Air Force 1. They are absolutely gorgeous! They were on sale from one fifty dollars to eighty. I knew my mom wasn't going to let me buy them, so I found some alternatives.

Why she doesn't let me buy men's shoes? Just ask her.

Here are the alternatives I found for the one's above:
©Vanshi Mehta

Not as gorgeous as the one's above. But they were okay I guess. Especially for a price of $37. 

Then I found these:

(Sorry for the bad quality pics, I was in a rush).

©Vanshi Mehta

©Vanshi Mehta

Not Bad. A whopping $60 dollars though.

Then I found these. Then I fell in love. With the shoe, and the price.

©Vanshi Mehta

©Vanshi Mehta

©Vanshi Mehta

Are you in love or what?

Which one(s) did you like the best?

Comment letting me know. :)

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