Broken: A Poem

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Part I: What Society Shouldn't Do


don't let that ring through your ears
through your heart
and most importantly,
through your soul
because you are much more than what you see in the mirror

you are so much more than the scars on your wrist,

you are so much more than the scratches on your heart.


you are the numerous times you gained strength

and healed.

and repaired.

And proved society wrong.

Part II: What Society Did:
i found it
the confidence that you were missing-
it was in the tear
which they beat out of you
time and time again causing it to fall-
you to fall-
yourself to deteriorate into pieces
that couldn't be seen any more.
pieces which no one could see
and when you finally found all those
broken bits
and broken pieces
you realized
it was too late
it was too late to put together
it was too late to believe in yourself
it was too late-
because you were broken
for the last and final time.

i found it
that perfect smile-
it was in your soul
deep down inside
which they pounded into you
of course, it was buried
under all the dirt:
under all the negativity
under all the insults
and under your heart
it was too heavy-
too sad
too depressed
and no one cared.
it was there,
you were there,
even though you felt like you shouldn't be.
why be pounded fifty more times?
why try?
because you were broken
for the last and final time

i found it-
your soul
by them- who wanted a fun toy
a toy which they could control
and laugh at
and beat
and patronize

they wanted to kill your soul
and you let them find it?
you let them kill it?
Destroying it into millions of small pieces that could never fit together again?
Yes. You did.
because you were broken
for the last and
-just maybe
final time.


  1. I could feel a soul in this poem. It opened my eyes to a new perspective. Thank you for such an amazing contribution to literature.

    1. Thanks for reading! This really helped me empathize with others by writing it.


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