A Message To A Loved One (X)


  I wish I had a closer relationship with you, X. I'm sorry that we have so many differences that you/I couldn't possibly get over. I'm sorry that we never talk. I'm sorry that you never try to talk to me, I'm sorry that I never try to talk to you. I pity myself (which I probably shouldn't) that you live a gazillion miles away, and when you did live with me, we would never would talk.

Probably because of our differences. 

I'm sorry we will never view the same people the same way. It's more that; it's that we never talk and work things out. Whenever we do talk it always turns into over-emotional crying- understanding each other more than we should be. Even though we understand each other without saying anything, somehow we never get time to be normal.

We never go out for movies. We never have those (joking) older XXXXXX talks. Maybe that's just stereotypical. Maybe that's just all fake. I wish we had spent more time together forgetting about our differences as people. Maybe just forget about our surrounding for awhile. Maybe just be ourselves. The problem is, our surroundings shape who we are, who we become. Maybe that's why we are so different.

People say it's hard to miss something you've never had.

It's not.

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